Welcome to the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at University of North Carolina at Asheville. We’re a diverse and interdisciplinary department of ten faculty (seven in sociology, three in anthropology).

Students here can earn a B.A. with a major or minor in sociology or anthropology, or take courses to round out their studies in other majors.

We believe our disciplines are intimately related and yet distinct, each involved in its own ways in documenting and understanding the varieties of human experience.


Our faculty have carried out research on five continents. We are curious about a complex range of issues, such as globalization, nationalism, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, labor, disability studies, the criminal justice system, deviance and social control, and the production of scientific and cultural knowledge. Our interests are reflected in the range of courses we teach.

Recent students have explored the culture of organic farming, the experiences and issues of undocumented residents, mobility experiences of women and queer people in Amsterdam and Asheville, stories of traumatic brain injury, the experiences of burlesque performers, Asheville’s pushcart vendors, narratives of resistance in the Burton Street community, female agency among Italian-Americans, among others.

The aim, of course, is finding out about our world in ways that help us all both understand and engage its complexities.